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Large Blue mug

Large Blue mug

Commissioned by Sophie as a surprise birthday present for her partner Simon, this mug is in part modelled on Simon’s favourite, but now broken mug. Sophie and Simon (under the collaborative working name Close and Remote) have recently worked with Bristol University to produce a film about the Large Blue butterfly’s UK extinction in 1979 and the subsequent decades long re-introduction, largely undertaken by amateur butterfly enthusiasts. The film talks about cultural regeneration more broadly and about custodianship, storing & sharing knowledge and resilient positivity. You can watch it here. Simon is also currently painting all 57 species of british butterfly: here
This mug takes its shape and its base colours & stripes from the original. In addition, it includes a life-sized depiction of the female Large Blue and a stalk of wild thyme (the handle) upon which two of the butterfly’s white eggs can be found. The bright yellow interior acts as the sun, crucial throughout the butterfly’s lifecycle and for the vegetation and insects upon which it relies. 


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Glazed stoneware

Care Instructions

Can go in the dishwasher but handwashing is strongly recommended

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